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approx. 1400 BC.



The Torah is a man's guide in the world; it teaches how to do the will of God. This is the story of the birth of Jewish fathers and the nation as a whole. The Torah is commonly known as the five initial books of the Old Testament. According to Jewish tradition, it is a revealed book, a sign of God's covenant with Israel. It's words have been exactly counted ­ 79841­ and still, none of them has been changed. The Torah consists of the books: Bereshit ­ Genesis, Exodus ­ Exodus, Vayikra ­ Leviticus, Bamidbar ­ Numbers and last book of Dewarim ­ Deuteronomy.


The Hebrew name comes from the initial words of each of the books. The last book, the fifth one, is a repetition of the events and the law of previous books. It consist of a repetition of the Ten Commandments and the declaration of covenants, as well as over seventy commandments that the previous four books did not record. It includes the shortest period of all the books of the Torah ­ thirty­seven days. Contained in Dewarim (Deuteronomy) is the farewell song of Moses, a great song and final blessing for the tribes of Israel. The book ends with the death of Moses because God forbade him entry to the Promised Land. Pentateuch, these five books of Moses, are primarily a law of divine nature, under which all people are equal. The Ten Commandments is the summary of the whole law.


This is the common name used for the Pentateuch of Moses. Using modern language, one could say that it is the constitution of the Jewish Nation. Legally unique because it was not prepared by the people, it was given to the Jews by God.Moses received it on the mountain of God and sent it to the elders by Joshua, the elders gave it to prophets, and the prophets passed it to the people.

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