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Here You can find a series of questions asked by readers of the blog and visitors of the exhibition.


Where did the idea come from?

Question asked by a retired teacher from Third Age University.


The idea was born because the teaching program in primary and secondary school leaves a big gap in this area.

Information relating to the creation of the Bible is administered in a scrappy and incomplete manner.

Gathering 3500 years of history in one place saves you visiting many museums across Europe and allows students to see one century after another, with its specific qualities. By taking part in this interactive journey we may also handle representative reprints of each of the eras.


How long did it take to collect all the exhibits?

Question asked by a philology student from Katowice.


The exhibition has its origins in the Bible School "BEREA", which operates under the aegis of the Society for the Dissemination of Reformed Thought from Świętochłowice. The history of the origin of the Scripture was taught there and for the needs of these lectures copies and facsimiles of famous manuscripts were acquired. Copies of modernly issued reprints were the basis for the study of translating Scripture to national languages. Gathering a whole set of 35 stations took about 36 months with breaks for exploration, waiting for the delivery and time needed for manual creation of rare copies. The artwork was done by people closely related to Berea. Calligraphic work was made by the students.


How long does the tour take?

Question asked by a blog reader.


The whole presentation takes 45 minutes plus time for questions which takes from 15 to 30 minutes. Reading through all the displayed content takes approx. 2 hours. Assiduous people need 3 hours to explore the exhibition. Apart from the normal presentation we can also arrange ? presentations familiarizing with the topic, in the form of slide shows, and provide workshops on the art of calligraphy ­ a comprehensive program of a one­day cycle with workshops lasts 5 hours alltogether.


Can you touch the exhibits?

Question from visitors.


This unusual exhibition is aimed to encounter visitors with the process of the formation of the Scriptures and make them familiar with the Living Word. You can touch all the books, parchments and papyri, you can pick up 13 kg volumes, and touch skin scrolls written in Hebrew. There are also replicas of clay pots in which those scrolls were stored until recent discovery. Displayed behind the glass are only originals, however they are also available for viewing after taking off securities ­ for each of the medieval editions we either have the original or faithfully hand­made modern copies.

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